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1031 Exchange Finder

1031ExchangeFinder.com is a powerful and dynamic search engine for single tenant net lease commercial real estate assets. The search engine targets Fortune 500 Company’s free standing, built-to-suite locations across the US.

With no centralized marketplace and a fragmented network of brokers; investors, institutions and time-constrained 1031 tax exchangers have limited resources to get a complete overview of what investment grade single tenant net lease assets are available in the market at any given time.

1031exchangefinder.com solves these problems through a combination of proprietary technology and research that indexes the single tenant net lease market in real time. Our first-in-class platform allows participants to optimize their buying, selling and 1031 exchanging of single tenant net lease properties.

To learn more about our service or a property please email us at info@1031exchangefinder.com


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